I’ve ran various websites off and on since 1997, most have (thankfully!) disappeared and my latest site, StefanCarlton.net, was launched in 2003. The purpose of the site initially was to let me learn PHP as it was needed for a university course. The site intially had a simple CMS, database based gallery system and a few other odds-and-sods. The main emphasis of the site was to document the trials and tribulations of Marlin Roadster ownership and to allow me to upload the pictures I’d taken with my digital camera. After Uni I started working and learnt a fair bit so I spent some time tidying up the gallery system and redoing a design. Usage of various other services (e.g. Facebook) meant that nothing major changed for 5 years – it was mainly used as a domain for emails.

In 2011 I decided to go on a round-the-world trip and wanted a method of recording my travels, showing the hundreds of pictures I was likely to take, a centralised method of posting to Facebook / Twitter etc so started developing again. I’d learnt my lesson so didn’t try and write something from fresh (even if it would be better suited to my needs) so decided upon a combination of WordPress and Piwigo.