My RTW (Round The World) packing list

My RTW equipment laid out on my bed.I decided very early on that I didn’t want to be someone who carried too much stuff.  Given that travelling was entirely new to me, I spent a lot of time working of other people’s lists, picking up tips where appropriate and built up my list. I still manage to carry a stupid amount of stuff though and it regularly hits 20kg, but since I can still carry and walk with it, it’s not too bad.


Update 10th December – this page was such a mess with updates that I’ve rewritten it.


My RTW rucksacksWhen choosing a main rucksack it’s important to choose one that fits and has the functionality you need. For me, this was the Deuter Air Contact Pro 60+15. This has a large front opening, fitted nicely and doesn’t have too many fiddly things that will break. I rarely use the front opening though.

Day Sack wise, I chose something that was large enough to be usable for multi-day hikes (Berghaus Roam 30) and a smaller dry bag (xPed CloudBurst 15).

The xPed is suffering badly and was never waterproof and I can’t recommend it at all – I don’t think it’ll be with me that much longer. The Berghaus is pretty much as new though although the lack of pockets is annoying.


The shoes i'm taking on my Round The World tripI opted to carry a pair of leight-weight Mid’s – a pair of Solomon FastPacker GTX. I wore them everywhere in South America and rarely since. They are lovely boots but I wish I had shoes instead.

I also brought Merrel trainers and have replaced my broken Sandles with Teva Ominum’s.


The clothes I'm going to takeI unfortunately needed to carry clothes for different environments. Buying things on the move can be cheap, but also expensive so I’m glad I brought most of things I needed with me.

  • 4 x Boxers (3 Ex-Officio, 1 x cotton)
  • 2 x Leightweight hiking socks, 5x short socks
  • Jeans
  • Lightweight dual North Face trousers
  • Swimming short
  • 5 x Cotton Tee
  • Lightweight Fleece top
  • Berghaus Primaloft jacket
  • Regatta breathable waterproof jacket
  • 1 x Smart shirt – handy when you go to a club
  • 1 x Tailored shirt & 1 x Suit pants – initially for a friends wedding, but good for interviews.

I’ve thrown out:

  • Craghoppers Walking combats
  • 2 x Craghoppers Kiwi Shirt (L&S Sleeve)
  • 2 x Technical Tee (L&S Sleeve)
  • 4 x Ponchos

Electronics and Misc

The electronics I'm taking

  • Cheap Laptop, charger, external HDD and wireless mouse.
  • A camera, charger, 4 memory cards (2 x 4GB, 2 x 2GB), 2 batteries.
  • A Bluetooth headset – useful for Skype calls from my laptop / phone.
  • Creative Zen MP3 player.
  • Small Travel Speaker (the laptop speaker is terrible)
  • 2 books to read
  • Cheap watch – lost and replaced
  • Some snacks & Energy tablets
  • Sony Ericsson to keep my UK Sim in

I’ve thrown out:

  • A Power Monkey solar charger – never used
  • A ZTE Blade smartphone (wifi use mainly) and a old . USB lead. – stolen
  • A 3 to 1 UK adaptor with built in surge protection & 2 USB sockets – too bulky
  • A UK to World adaptor – broke
  • Footprint Guide Book for Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia – not to my taste, bought individual Lonely Planets instead.
  • Money Belt – never used
  • Prescription sunglasses – never used

Important things!

  • My Passport
  • Money (~$100 spare, local currency) & Wallet
  • English Drivers Licence and International licence
  • Travel insurance details
  • Photocopies of all my documents
  • Glasses, a spare pair,  & prescription
  • Sunglasses

In the next picture but makes more sense in this list:

  • Silk sleeping bag liner – really handy!
  • Mosquito net – used once. Pointless except for that time
  • Small travel towelit smells quickly and needs washing regularly.
  • Insect Repellant bought locally
  • Suncream
  • Headtorch (originally the brilliant Alpkit Gamma head torch until it was stolen)

Toiletries, First Aid and toolkit

Toiletries, First Aid and ToolkitMy toiletries list is quite small as I don’t need that much stuff!

  • Nivea for men deodorant
  • 2 x toothbrushes (I destroy a toothbrush in 2 weeks) and a tube of toothpaste
  • Razor & spare blades. Somersets Shaving oil and After-shave balm (doubles as moisturizer for burns) – oil is good but ruins blades quickly
  • Ear plugs (lots!)
  • Toilet paper
  • Nail-clippers
  • Shampoo & Shower Gel – weight penalty is worth it over the Lush soaps I carried originally
  • Facewash – suncream, insect repellent, sweat… you need a decent cleaner!

First Aid

  • Standard Sterile First aid kit with extra plasters and a tube of Germolene
  • Small First Aid kit with plasters, micro-pore tape, gauze…
  • Malarone tablets for the Jungle, Chloroquine for Central America if I need it. – haven’t taken any yet
  • Hayfever spray (the steroids help my nose + stop snoring)
  • A piezo bite zapper – great little device!
  • I brought various tablets and potions, but used some and left the rest.


I’m used to fixing things and tinkering – I’d be lost without some form of tool kit!

  • A Leatherman Wave multi-tool
  • Zip ties (handy + can seal zips on my bag).
  • A small, long shackle padlock
  • Duck Tape
  • Small sewing kit
  • Fishing Line (tying things, washing line etc) – never used
  • Some Karabinas.

Other lists

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