The ups and the downs continue

A couple of days ago I wrote an entry about how life on the road was proving tougher than imagined. A couple of days later I’ve got a slightly different perspective – it is tough, but there will be a lot fun to be had!

At breakfast yesterday I chatted to a couple staying in the hostel and organised to head to Pisac on Sunday and then I went into town and picked up a copy of Lonely Planet’s Peru guide (it was expensive, but given my need for a “boost” I deemed it a worthy cost). I then wandered round the “walking tour” it lists and went over a lot of ground I’d already covered before continuing up to the Sacsayhuamán. I had a great time looking around, got sunburn on my forehead & baldy-patches, before wandering back down the hill.

As I walked back down, I stopped to watch some children practice their dance routines in a school yard and a couple of women stopped beside me to watch too. A couple of comments later and we wandered off to get some lunch together. It really is that easy.

I left lunch and walked back to the Hostel on a high – not only had I had a great day, but had a great lunch with a couple of lovely people. I guess Amanda and Angela won’t realise the boost they gave me as it’ll just have been another lunch for them, but it proved what everyone told me – it really is easy to chat.

The downs

I got back, sent a few emails, had a shower and then headed to the local supermarket for something to eat. When I got back to the hostel I was ill. Really ill. My hands were shaking, I was dizzy, I tried to eat some chocolate but felt sick immediately… I ended up going to bed at 1900 and sleeping fit-fully waking around 2am. I then lay in bed listening to the noises of the hostel until 9ish when I forced myself to the kitchen for breakfast.

I ended up sitting there for a couple of hours talking to another lovely couple and whilst still feeling terrible, really appreciated their company as it was taking my mind off feeling ropey. Nicky even passed on an email address so that we could catch up further down the road / use her contacts in Japan if I get there.

i don’t think there is anything worse than feeling poorly without a specific reason (e.g. a cold, Flu etc) whilst travelling completely alone, in a foreign country. I’m just glad I chose a good Hostel to start off in. The hostel owner Coco is a great guy and kept popping in to the kitchen to see if I was ok, made me drink some tea which made me feel better. He even explained to the couple at the table (in Spanish) that I was new, just starting travelling, nervous, altitude etc.

Whilst I still feel terrible, it’s nice to know someone has my back. The cynic in me didn’t want to believe the reviews on TripAdvisor, HostelBooker, HostelWorld etc, but they really are true. El Tuco is a great Hostel!


Today is going to be a take-it-easy day. I’ve plonked by butt in front of the TV here, laptop on my knees writing a few blogs entries, emails etc and only to venture into town later to pick up some things for the Inca Trail next week (water purifying tablets and a hat) and get something for lunch / tea. Hopefully what ever bug / illness is afflicting me will clear quickly – I have the Inca trail to walk next week!