Isla Del Sol

Isla Del Sol is an island off the coast of Copacabana and it has various meanings in Inca mythology. After a lazy breakfast, goodbyes to Melissa and Pete (they headed to La Paz), a fresh trout lunch (delicious!) we jumped on a boat headed for the north island Isla Del Sol. On the boat we met Llye ( who was touring Bolivia after spending six months in the jungle volunteering and setting up a Bio Diesel system for the local school bus.

things to do with dreads on the beachWe got dropped off and found a hostel (ok, the others found a hostel) which was on the beach front, grabbed some tea and whilst the others chatted in their room Llye and I stood on the beach, looking at the stars and talking about life in general. After a while we headed to bed (Llye and I shared a room) after clearing a few spiders out of the bed, moths from the room…

llyeThe morning came and I felt dreadful. I’ve a bit of a cold which just isn’t clearing and I just didn’t feel that great.After me taking an age to get sorted, Llye and I wandered north to visit a few Inca ruins (a sacrifice table, sun footprints and a labyrinth) before taking a detour through the terraces back to the beach. When we got back to the beach, we found a note from the others and joined them at the restaurant for breakfast. Llye and I grabbed a sandwich from a street vendor and were ready to continue the walk to the South Island with Alex and Jenny.

beaches of Islay Del SolIt was a tough walk and the others had to keep waiting up for me – the mixture of the altitude, my cold and probably a lack of fitness really got me as I just couldn’t keep up. They were all gracious and did keep waiting, but I felt desperately guilty as they’d surely have had a better time not having to wait for the slow coach! Still, they didn’t show it and I can only apologise so many times!

Woman carrying crazy amounts up stairsWe stopped for lunch and I dashed to find a loo – since I had no change one gent kindly offered me the use of his loo for B/50 (£5). I declined and went elsewhere (literally Winking smile). Lunch and a wander down to the beach where we saw the amazing spectacle of construction equipment (concrete beams and foam) been carried up a steep hill by men and women. It was crazy to watch!

Back on the boat and back to Copacabana via the fake Reed islands where one person decided to get his tea and the rest of us had to wait for it to be cooked), grabbed our bags and jumped on a bus bound for La Paz (B/10 or 89p for a 4 hour, 100km bus journey).

That would be me in La Paz then!

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