Tarabuco market

On Sunday’s there is a large market in Tarabuco, about 60km outside of Sucre. It’s mostly a tourist trap with many of the stalls selling the traditional chinz that no local would buy, but it’s worth a looksee given that the return bus is B$30 and it leaves directly outside my hostel.

In the morning I clambered aboard and sat quietly whilst dealing with tiredness and a bit of a poorly tummy. After a while I started chatting to a lady called Kelly who hails from Brighton and is doing a similar trip to me, albeit heading South compared to my North. It was great as we then wandered the town and had lunch – much better than wandering alone!

The first thing we spotted was a statue of a man, standing over another, holding the heart he ripped out. It’s gruesome and I have absolutely no idea what it is meant to signify other than to look mostly horrendous.


Since I wasn’t after anything in particular other than a look around I happily wandered about with Kelly as she purchased bits and pieces for her Salt flat trip and a new bag. It was loads of fun as we bartered with the sellers for things costing less than £1! At lunch a random guy came in and proceeded to stomp about playing the same three notes on a recorder and stomping his feet (which had little cymbals attached). I’m sure he was playing traditional music in traditional costume, but he looked as bad as a Morris dancer!

The best stall though had something to beat the dried llama foetus in La Paz – a deceased and dried Flamingo! I’m not entirely sure what on earth you’re meant to do with a dead Flamingo, excluding perhaps re-acting the Monty Python dead parrot sketch, but you can buy one here!

Back on the bus and back to Sucre for a break and I then had tea with Kelly and her friends (with whom I’m complete a trek with the following day). Tarabuco might be a waste of time, but as with the Cholitas wrestling it’s a great activity to meet other travellers!

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