The travel Experience so far, 6 weeks in

My first month has come to an end and on my way I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with some fantastic people:

I’ve been to some amazing places and seen some amazing things:

I’ve written more prose than ever before (for this blog and emails). I’ve taken thousands of pictures (and rediscovered the joy of taking snaps). I’ve eaten some amazing food and tried new tastes. I’ve travelled by bus, bike, horse, taxi, plane and foot. I’ve stayed in some lovely hostels and some grotty ones. I’ve stared at the stars in wonder and listened to the quietness of the world. I’ve talked to random strangers, argued in Spanglish and learnt that a Geordie accent is great for getting rid of street pests and waking drunken guides up. I’ve had my hair cut somewhere that would make my normal barber in Newcastle chortle. I’ve read many books and listened to loads of music. I’ve unpacked and re-packed my bag countless times in an effort to cut down the weight before giving up and deciding carrying it all will only make me stronger. I seem to have lost a lot of weight. I’ve not had to do any of my own washing (mainly because it doesn’t dry). I’ve found that many of the things people write about on blogs and the advice proffered is true, but that some of it is misleading (it’s not always easy to find people to talk to and the choice of hostel is exceptionally important!).

I’m having a ball.

In terms of adventures:

  • Terrible flights to Cusco where I had to fathom out airports, getting back through Customs… I should probably should thank Andrew at Trailfinders for changing my flight time from Lima to Cusco as I’d never had made it otherwise.
  • Arrived in Cusco and suffered from Jetlag, altitude sickness, nerves and was ready to give up.
  • Walked the Inca Trail to great success
  • Found the Peru / Puno border closed so had to take a boat across Lake Titicaca
  • Lived it up and struggled to walk in Islay Del Sol
  • Rode my first true downhill bike in Sorata
  • Spent some time in La Paz relaxing and went to the cinema in and was shocked by the European’ness of it all
  • Travelled on the delightfully horrid night bus from La Paz to Uniyi where sleep was impossible.
  • Took a Southern Circuit tour from a dodgy operator in Uniyi and ended up missing the final day due the guide/driver crashing the car whilst inebriated.
  • Moved onto Tupiza and found it to be one of the nicest places on the trip so far.
  • Took a 2 day horse trek and endured a sore bottom, aching knees and one of the most petty and unpleasant women I’ve had the misfortune to encounter.
  • Missed my bus to Sucre and broke down on the next one.
  • Stayed in Sucre for 10 days learning Spanish, trekking to Dinosaur footprints and visited the Dinosaur park.

The next 6 weeks or so will be just as good as I visit the Amazon Rainforest before making a decision – back to Peru or get a flight to Columbia? I’m sure it can only get better!