Lima’s Magic Water Circuit, Parque de la Reserva

I found out about the Magical Water Circuit in Lima by accident when trawling the web to see what was a-happening here. According to Wikipedia it was built by the President, cost $13m and is the largest fountain complex in the world. What ever stats it has, it’s simply kinda cool!

I took a taxi from my hostel and sat chatting to the driver in broken Spanish – he gave me advice on where to get a taxi back, but it was very difficult to understand him as my Spanish just isn’t that good at the moment. Still, after jumping out and paying my S/5 entrance fee I started to wander round the park.

It’s an amazing place! From the moment you walk in, to the time you leave there is something to look at. There are so many different fountains shooting water in every different direction. One of them is designed so that you run to the center without getting wet (of course everyone does) so the area is full of yelps and excited chattering. Others are create huge tunnels, pyramids, tea pots… The best one though is the laser show that happens against huge fountains – it’s simply amazing!






More pictures can of the water park can be found in the digitallery album South America – Peru – Lima

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