On Northern Peru

After leaving Lima, I motored through Northern Peru staying at most one day in each location, it seemed daft therefore to dedicate a post to each place. Here is a round-up of my travels through Northern Peru…


My first stop after leaving Lima was the trekker’s haven in the Cordillera’s for a spot of mountain biking. The bus from Lima to Huaraz was amazing compared to those which I’d been on previously – not only was it warm with pillows and blankets, a movie but also WiFi. I ended up checking emails and surfing the NET for a while instead of sitting reading a book as is the norm. When I got to Huaraz I wandered around before settling on staying at Hostel Caroline.

After putting my head down for a couple of hours I had breakfast and spoke to “Rex” as there was a sign asking for help with their website – I offered a hand, showed him a few things and was upgraded to a private room in the Long Stay annex. On the first day I headed out to Yungay, a town an hour or so away which was suffered a devastating landslide in 1970 – the town has moved further away but a memorial park exists in the originals place. I had intended to head to the Lagoons as well, but the price was too prohibitive in a taxi by myself so decided to give it a miss.

For tea I headed to Kristof’s and ended up sitting chatting to the chef (cunningly called Kristof) and his girlfriend, Betta. It was brilliant and I really enjoyed their company eating waffles, drinking a couple of beers and we also arranged for a Pancake cook-off the following day (unfortunately this didn’t happen though as the kitchen was too busy to let me inside).

After spending an extraordinary amount of time fixing a problem with LAN in the morning (LAN had charged me three times for tickets that were never issued) I headed out on a bike I’d hired for the afternoon (more about my adventures on the bike)

Huaraz was the first place I’ve left feeling I wanted to return as I had unfinished business.


Trillijo is a dump and should be avoided at all costs. I had my haircut in the market which was nice but was also victim to a scam/mugging. The whole town (excluding the police) seem to in on the “lets scam the tourists” and as a result the place is horrid! I’m glad I spent a day there waiting for my night bus! I wrote about the scam in the post Scammed, it had to happen even though I was careful!


Mancora is just like any other beach resort – there is nothing much there except an admittedly nice beach and lots of tourist restaurants. I went for a night to break up the night buses to Guayaquil and was aiming to try my hand at surfing but alas there was no waves so I settled for a wander along the beach instead. I stayed in Kokopelli and it’s a lovely hostel with friendly people. A nice little oasis after the hassles and travels of the last few days.

The resort is worth a visit if you’re up that way and fancy a party / beach stay!

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More pictures of my travels in Northern Peru can be found in the Digitallery Album South America – Peru – Northern travels

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