Smiling and Pointing at things in South America

My mother may have taught me that pointing at things is rude, but it hasn’t stopped me in South America. Here are my favourites…

Overlooking Cusco

At 4200m on the Inca Trail, Cusco

Overlooking the campsite on the Inca Trail, Cusco

Machu Pichu, Cusco

Sorata mountain biking, La Paz

Salt Flat in Bolivia, Southern Circuit

Water on the Salar, Southern Circuit

In a Volcano Field, Southern Circuit

At the lagoons, Southern Circuit

Pretending to be a cactus, Tupiza

On the horse Trek, Tupiza

Looking for Anacondas, Rurrenabaque

Catching a Piranha, Rurrenabaque


Giant Tortoises, Galapagos

In a Giant Tortoise Shell, Galapagos

At the Postbox, Galapagos

Sea Lions, Galapagos

Blow Hole, Galapagos

Sea Lions, Galapagos

Sesha Pipe at the Indian Restaurant, Cuenca

Mountain Biking, Galapagos

Above The Devils Waterfall, Banos

Quiltoa Crater, Latacunga

Overlooking Mindo at 7am, Mindo

Doing the Superman whilst Zip Lining, Mindo

At the Centre of the World