Panama City and the Panama Canal

After I got my rucksack back I went out and walked to Casa Viejo for a look around the “old” town. It’s a nice looking place with old buildings and nice architecture but I can see why it has a reputation of been a bit dodgy. It has an odd feeling about it and a guy accused us of been racist for not talking to him. I was glad to get out and walk back along to the other end of the bay to the new sky-scraper area and loved it. It was an awesome place and I couldn’t help but think of Prison Break as they filmed a few episodes down there.

The next morning over breakfast I started chatting to a German couple who were heading out to the old town. I subsequently joined them in the taxi with some English lads in tow. We wandered around the ruins seeing the “”famous” tower which represents the whole of Panama – for us it was just a refuge from the deluge of rain that came and drenched us. I was so wet I had to take my t-shirt off and wring it out! Afterwards, the English lads went back to the Hostel and the Germans and I headed out to Miraflores locks on the bus.

The buses proved to be quite the adventure but I ended up taking a back seat in finding out where we needed to go – the Germans spoke fluent Spanish so it made sense for them to organise stuff. It still feels a bit odd relying on a new friend so much but I’ve come to accept that Spanish isn’t my strong suit upsettingly. Once we got to the MiraFlores locks though, man, they’re awesome. The only thing in Panama I actually wanted to see was the canal and it didn’t disappoint! The boats are huge, run through the lock system quickly and it’s an amazing spectacle. It’s hard to describe the awesomeness of it all, but it really is worth a visit and it didn’t disappoint even if we got soaked again!

With my last day in town I went to the big shopping centre to buy some new shorts and then went to the Cinema to see Captain America. Panama City is nice and was the first place I thought “I could live here”, but I was happy to head out.

More Pictures of Panama City

Here are some more pictures I took in Panama city.

But what where his methods?

This rain fell in 20minutes

It’s a police bike!

All the casino’s are fantastic

Prize every time?

What were they taking pictures of?

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