David and The Purple House

I only stayed in David for one night, but the hostel I stayed in “The Purple House” deserves a special mention. It’s strange. It’s very, very strange.

To get to Bocas Del Toro you can either go straight there or stop overnight in David, I chose the later as I didn’t want a long bus trip and then a ruined day on the islands. I pre-booked The Purple House and dutifully turned up and was subjected to the weird owner.

The first thing that should have alerted me to the weirdness was The Purple House itself – everything is Purple. Literally everything. The sheets, the walls, the towels, the gates, the hammocks…. Everything.

On top of the purpleness there are rules for everything from the usage of the kitchen to the times when guests can use the bathroom. She sells postcards featuring the Purpleness of The Purple House. I was asked if I snored and if I did I couldn’t sleep in the dorm. If you want to change a book you better think carefully as the owner will take your book and choose ones appropriate for the quality of your book (not the quality of the book, but the story itself). If you’d like to find out about her life and why she is in David, visit the toilet – there is a poster for you to read. If you’d like a hot shower, its $1. There is a dog called “cutesy” who was on a play date when I arrived. We booked a taxi through her to the bus terminal and had a huge telling off as we almost got in a taxi different to the one she’d called for us. If you leave towards check-out time she’ll harry you around, clean the bathroom and then lock the door so you can’t dirty it again… There were a few others in the Hostel and we all got told off in the morning – we all left for Bocas Del Toro and she was annoyed as we weren’t staying an extra night. She asks travellers to look at her weight on the scales, note it down on a piece of paper, seal it in an envelope so that she could review them all at the end of the month. There are labels and signs on everything.

It’s probably the oddest hostel and hostel owner I’ve ever met.

The Purple House in David. It’s odd and quirky and the owner doesn’t endear herself that much, but hell, it’s a good laugh for a night!

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