Getting through Costa Rica

After leaving Bocas Del Toro, Nick and I were both headed to San Jose so took the ferry back off the islands and onto the mainland. A bus later we arrived in Changuinola and waited for our bus to San Jose. It was a doddle to do – we just jumped on board it took us through the border (we needed to cross on foot though) and then all the way to San Jose itself.

The border was slow and tedious but the bridge itself was awesome. It’s a single lane rusting structure with wooden planks for the cars, trucks and buses to drive over. As a truck would drive over it was swaying slowly and you could hear the creaks and groans as it struggled to cope with another crossing.

We got the necessary exit stamps and crossed over mindful to avoid the holes and timed it so that we didn’t have to race across in front of a bus or truck.

Getting in to Costa Rica was much easier than I expected – they happily accepted my Trailfinders printout showing I had a flight out of Mexico City in 6 weeks time!