San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur is just like Bocas Del Toro, except a bit cheaper and nastier. The sand is Volcanic so is a dirty grey rather than a crisp white and the whole town feels, well, cheap.

I arrived with Chance and Alexandra and we took a cheap hostel towards the back of town, had cheap taco’s for tea and started having a few beers and rum. I learned how to play a new card-game and lost most of the time which was unfortunate given it was a drinking game!

The Jesus Statue, a naked woman and unable to think quickly

The next day I moved hostel to Pachamama and into a dorm and went off for a walk trying to find the way to the Jesus statue which overlooks the town – it proved futile as every road or path I tried ended up in a “Private Road” sign and I was chased away. As I wandered back along the beach I stopped for a beer and read my book.

At this point a Naked Woman walks from the street and starts swimming – I was going to take a picture to show people on Facebook/here as it’s not something you see everyday but everyone start taking the mick out of me as it was perving. I really didn’t think of it that way at the time but no-one would believe me! Live and learn eh! The funniest part though was when the woman came back out of the sea and two girls were taking pictures of themselves oblivious to what was behind – I’d have loved to see their faces when they check their photos out!

A few more girls joined us and we started to play cards. The lack of sleep and the beers I’d drank made me completely devoid of intelligence. I couldn’t think straight and everytime it came to my turn I’d get confused and look lost. It was frustrating but funny at the same time! I had the opportunity to rectify this belief as I’d run into the girls several times again.

Attempting to Surf, but wiping a child out

Another late night meant that a lazy day was a necessity! Instead, Chance and I hired a surf board, took it to the beach and tried to teach ourselves how to stand up. Chance understood reasonably well and got on ok but I really struggled – I just didn’t have the strength or technique to paddle the board. Getting out to the waves was hard. Getting the board moving in order to catch the wave was hard…

I also managed to wipe a kid out! I was paddling along trying to get to a clear bit of sea saw a large wave coming to my left, a kid to my right. The kid and I looked at each other, at the wave, at each other… We both paddled frantically trying to get out of each others way but to no avail. The wave struck, I rode it high, he dove underneath. It seemed to go well until I felt a clunk as the back of the board hit him. He was fine, but my time on the board was done! I don’t think surfing is my forte at this stage!

Sharp rocks ahoy!

For my last day in San Juan I had planned to take a bike out to the different beaches but the rain dissuaded me. Instead I took a pickup truck out with some others from the hostel and watched as they surfed (or learned).

I had a play in the sea, but there were some sharp rocks underfoot and when I fell I lightly grazed my right foot. Unfortunately the light graze became infected and would cause me problems for the next week or so!

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