Masaya market

On my last day in San Juan Del Sur I fell in the sea and hit my left foot against some rocks badly scrapping the top. It was fine at the time but after the humidity and dampness of Volcano climbing in Isla De Omtempe, it had become infected and was weeping constantly, I thus decided to take it easy in Granada whilst treating the wound. I took the time to to set up a couch-surfing account , backed up pictures and various other admin tasks. I then took a trip on local buses to Masaya market with a couple of Germans I’d met.

Masaya Artisan Market is talked about a lot in guide books and by other travellers but I can’t say it impressed me that much – it’s just another market selling tat. I’m yet to find a truly “local” market where people sell things they have made, rather all the stalls sell the same tourist bumph mass produced and bought in bulk to sell to guidable travellers.

The only thing that caught my attention was the wooden frogs that were carved intricately in various sexual positions. It was only later we realised that the frogs were actually real skins stuffed and suddenly the amusement disappeared – I guess people must buy them but it’s just nasty as I can’t imagine the frogs died of natural causes.

Granada is a nice town though and worth a visit – it’s very pretty little place but doesn’t really have anything to do.

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