Random happenings in Leon

I was told that Leon was meant to be a really pretty city but I found it to be a bit of a dump. I arrived and started walking down to the hostel and managed to get half-way before the heavens opened and I had to called it a day and hail a taxi.

After Volcano boarding the group met up the following day and explored the town a little. We went up to the Cathedral roof and I couldn’t help but feel like I was in the game Assassins Creed as I looked out across the terracotta roof-tops at other churches.

The best bit happened by just sitting in the main square though. First of all a huge siren sounded and all the tourists were looking at each other bewildered where as the locals just kept going about their business. It was such a random time of the day was it simply a test? Was it the Volcano erupting? Was it an air raid? We never found out the answer as it just slowly died the noise fading out ever so gently until “peace” was restored.

A guy then came up to the group and started talking at us whilst we ignored him. He started to stroke the girls legs and came across trying to shake my hand – when I politely refused he looked hurt so I stepped away into the shade. It was at this point a man ran across the square, stood beside me and started blowing a trumpet in my ear. He was a good foot shorter than I and left me bewildered enough to just stand still staring at him. The others were roaring with laughter as was the trumpeter. He eventually stopped and just stood grinning. As we all walked off to find ice-cream the guy guys followed us, the trumpeter giving us a fan fare and the other guy trying to stroke legs. It was mostly surreal!

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