Estelli and Somoto

I wanted to visit the two working towns of Nicaragua, Montagalpa and Estelli in Nicaragua but a change of plans meant I moved quickly through from Leon to Estelli and then into Somoto canyon. Estelli seemed nice enough for the evening I was there as there was a party in the street and a impromptu boxing match in the park.

Leaving for Somoto in the morning we joined our tour-guide and started the trip into the canyon. First we pulled on different shoes (mine were a pair of Solomon’s similar to my boots so I was very happy) and walked for 2km before starting downstream. It was great fun jumping into the water, swimming across the current and clinging to rocks as you make your way downstream. the life-jackets would get in the way of swimming but they were great for floating down through the rapids!

The only downside to the experience? I found something I’m incapable of doing. Something which I tried and tried and tried but my body just wouldn’t take the commands my brain was pumping out.  I can’t jump off cliffs. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that ridiculous a fear and it is quite good for preserving ones life, but when everyone else does it without hesitation and I keep standing there for minutes trying to jump… Well, it’s mildly embarrassing and not particularly great for ones man-credentials!

Still, it makes for a funny video:

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