Yosemite, in the snow?

I only spent two nights in Yosemite but can’t really say I saw that much – the first day it rained heavily and there was a heavy mist, the second, well, it snowed!

After leaving San Francisco I decided drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and head to Muir Woods, another place I saw as a child. There was a cover charge of $5 and since I was only going to be wandering for 20minutes or so, I declined entry and headed instead to the highways and Yosemite. Unfortunately I took a wrong turn and a four drive quickly became seven. I will say though that the highways 152 and 140 are really nice roads to drive but can’t really comment on Yosemite!

Yosemite Falls

For my first foray into the rain I decided to walk up to Yosemite falls – two waterfalls that cascade down over different levels. The first “hike” is a simple 1/2 mile stroll along a paved road, but to reach the second you must traverse a trail! At the beginning there is a sign which says that the designer took the route through a series of challenging switch-backs and that it was a strenuous walk. I figured that this was just the American Estimation system again but was proved wrong – it was actually quite tough!

Reaching the first view of the falls was great as it means the trail levels off a little but also because the falls themselves make for an impressive sight. Falling from a fair height, the water slowly dissipates to a fine mist as it descends. Little waterfalls are created in the rocks as the mist settles in pools and falls through the cracks. Then, as the water hits the ground it created something resembling a miniature valley with lots of little tributaries heading back to the main stream. It was an impressive sight after the hike but would have been much better without the heavy rain! I kept plodding along the track until I became too wet and cold to continue, turning back I slipped on the rocks and landed on my backside. the fall was nothing major nor worth reporting except, my camera was attached to my hand and was smashed hard into the ground.

I nearly cried. The camera was only a week old.

Quickly checking, it still worked but the lens cap wouldn’t open fully – I’d managed to dent the front of the camera quite badly, scratch the side of the touch-screen but it seemed to take pictures ok. I was so relieved I gingerly walked back trying the camera as I went. It didn’t get much better but by the I got to the hostel it seemed to start working again. Touch wood, it still is (I’m writing this blog post 6 weeks later).

I finished the day in the hostel, convinced that one of the guys staying there was Clark Kent! When I told him, he played up pretending to rip open his shirt Open-mouthed smile It didn’t really feel appropriate at the time to take his picture although I’m fairly sure he would have obliged!

Back to LA via Sequoia park

The second day I had to leave Yosemite to head back to Los Angeles in time for the Frat Party, but left early took Highway 41 through Yosemite. The road climbs high across the mountains and halfway through it started to snow. The road looked beautiful as the trees lining the road were covered in a light covering of snow. The road was slippy and cars were driving so slowly it was unreal – by the time I reached the Sequoia park I was ready for a walk in the snow!

For about an hour I wandered about the park and saw the second tunnel tree (not the fallen one) and the famous big tree before continuing my route South.


More pictures of Yosemite

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