Moab–Canyonlands and Arches National Park

When I got my new laptop with Windows 7 I tinkered around and activated the different, hidden, themes – my favourite for the colour scheme is The USA. One picture shows a lovely stone arch in front of snow capped mountains which it transpires is in The Arches National Park just north of Moab. As pretty as the arch is, Canyonlands is overshadows it completely!

Canyon Lands National Park

You’re standing on the top of a cliff, its about 100m high and the plain below disappears off to the horizon only interrupted by huge, multi-fingered, white lipped canyon cliffs. It looks completely unreal this multi-stepped canyon and there isn’t a soul about. Welcome to Canyonlands.

Three of us had jumped in my car and headed to Canyon Lands, just a short distance form Moab and stood transfixed by the vision in front of us. It appears to be just as big as the Grand Canyon but the bit below our cliff is completely flat before plummeting down again. You can see the river glistening a bright blue and it’s hard to conceive that it created this landscape.

We then went for a walk along the rim and stopped at various points for pictures – the views just kept getting better and better! I’ll let the pictures speak of themselves here!

Arches National Park

We left Canyonlands and dashed across to Arches to get there for the sunset – apparently the Delicate Arch (the one in Windows 7) is best viewed at sunset. We spent some time messing around at The Windows (two arches) before high tailing it up to Delicate Arch. We pushed hard up the hike but missed out by 4 minutes – the sun had already set. Still, I managed to snap a couple of nice pictures in the dying light before hiking back down in the dark!

More pictures

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