Tomfoolery in Wirepass and Buckskin Canyon

Whilst travelling you meet loads of great people but sometimes you meet someone with a similar sense of humour, you instantly get along and the pranks / jokes fly. This was one of those times.

Imagine the scene if you will…

There are three of us walking walking through a slot canyon. If you stretch your arms out wide, you can touch either side. The rocks then towers above our heads. The air is cool and silence fills the air. We’re pretty much alone and only met five other people all afternoon. We’re all a little cautious due to the fear of a flash flood (there would be no escape) but confident that it hasn’t rained for a while. The ground underfoot goes from sand, to rocks and is now interspersed with mud patches on the corners.

We arrive at a point with a large puddle and are forced to hop, step and jump our way across.

We’re a good three miles or so from our starting point and it’s almost time to turn back but the canyon is enchanting and we keep going waiting for something to denote our “end”.

The big puddle which we needed to cross.

We then arrive at a long puddle. It’s a good thirty feet long and fills the canyon. Stepping stones have been placed at intervals and I go first with the idea of “I’ll see if it’s worthwhile”. I reach the far side and continue around the bend. It’s at this point I have an evil idea.

I run back towards Lars and Michael. I run as fast as I can. Screaming “RUN. QUICK. RUN” as I go.

I round the last corner to see Michael staring at me passively (he is a man of fewer emotions than a rock), but behind him Lars face transforms into terror as he spins and charges back across the puddle. He forgoes the option of the stepping stones and stomps through the water.

I’m laughing so hard I collapse to my knees. My stomach is heaving and I can hardly breathe. Tears are rolling down my face as I watch Lars re-cross the puddle using the stepping stones. As he arrives he utters an expletive and starts to giggle too.

Lars on the return leg.

I’d got him. I’d got him good.

The odd thing though was that his shoes were remarkably dry. The water was slightly muddy so we can only assume that by running so fast he managed to avoid getting his shoes wet (his legs were soaked though).

For some time afterwards, every time I looked at Lars I giggled some more. I couldn’t help it. The look of horror on his face accompanied by the speed at which he disappeared is engrained in my memory. I wish I’d taken a video of it so I could show the world!

But wait, there is more…

On the way back out of the canyon I tossed Lars a candy which he caught easily. They aren’t the easiest of things to open so he was concentrating heavily on extracting the sweety goodness. He didn’t notice the loose rock.

He stood on the loose rock.

The rock rolled to the left into the mud.

Lars’ foot went with the rock and ended up in the mud. As did his hand.

The mud is like clay and refused to come off his hand, even with copious rubbing against the sand, rocks, sticks…

He blamed me for that as it was the candy I’d supplied which distracted him!

A mud covered Lars

I giggled about that one too.

A strange Coincidence

Regular readers might remember me talking about a strange co-incidence regarding Cindy, Niels and Andre in the post Las Vegas – To Sin Or Not To Sin. Well, it turns out that Lars is Cindy and Neils’ brother!

Lars was talking about meeting his brother and sister for a period of time as they were travelling through the states but I never put two-and-two together. It was a while after Lars and I parted ways that he sent me a message – apparently he’d met up with his family and was looking through their pictures when my face pops up!

Talk about strange coincidences!

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