Sedona destroys my memories

Sedona was one of the few things in the United States that I remember – Bell Rock and Chapel Of The Holy Cross specifically. Unfortunately, my memories are just that, memories – Sedona has changed from a sleepy little town to a tourist mecca. Handy then that I had great company for the day.

Twenty years development has been cruel

From my twenty year old memory, Sedona was a sleepy little town surrounded by desert. The two main attractions, The Chapel Of The Holy Cross and Bell Rock, were away from the road and all the pictures we have show them sitting by themselves! I don’t have any to hand as they were all on film (no digital cameras in 1991!) so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Now? Sedona has been developed with tourism in mind. The main town is pretty but just one long heavily developed street and reminded me a lot of Rothbury in the UK. There are visitor centres with information about how to drive the rare roundabouts that punctuate the roads. There are people everywhere. The Church Of The Holy Cross has a road leading up to the entrance with golf carts running around taking the old, infirm or incapable up the short gradient. Houses are everywhere with some of them trying way too hard to look grand. Bell Rock is surrounded by car-parks and doesn’t look anything like I recall.

I had this grand vision that Sedona would have remained the sleepy little town it was and that I’d rock up and retake the picture that my sister had hanging on her wall many years ago, reality couldn’t be different. Sedona destroyed one of the few memories I have of my first visit to the states.

I didn’t even take many pictures as there was nothing picture worthy.

Hmm, this then is a bit of a depressing post. Happy then that the day was saved by Jessamin! Read about the saviour in my next post “The company was good but how to write about it?

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