San Diego

The last stop on my tour of the USA, it’s a shame I only had one day there as the city seems to have the vibrancy of San Francisco but the edge of Los Angeles. I liked it!

The Zoo

I’ve never really been a fan of zoo’s. I appreciate the conservation work and education they do but to me watching animals confined in small areas just doesn’t seem right. San Diego Zoo did nothing to fix this problem. Sure the animals are well looked after and various initiatives are really helping the animal population (Koala bear breeding for example) but then the Polar bears are trapped in a small enclosure in the baking heat, the Giraffes and elephants walk from one side of their area to the other in seconds, the birds are trapped in small cages… About the only animals I saw which had a reasonable sized enclosure was the Orangutans! Maybe I’m just a little spoiled as I’ve now seen many of the animals here in the wild and plan to see most of the others too (excluding Polar Bears, that’d just be cold!)

Seeing the elephants was awesome though. My childhood teddy bear was an Elephant and as such I’ve always had a soft spot for these huge creatures. I stood for a while watching them lumber about and really enjoyed seeing them up close. Oh, shoot. They were close because of the small enclosure. I’m one of “them”.

What else?

I had a wander around the park which the zoo is in, but it wasn’t that impressive and all the attractions worth looking at wanted money. I had a couple of nice meals to celebrate the end of my American tour and then went on a pub crawl with the hostel. It was a great crawl as we saw duelling piano players, women riding a buffalo, terrible dancing and a weird guy following us around. One bar offered free shots if you “checked in” on Facebook – one of the lads had so I took his picture and got a free shot Open-mouthed smile

I wished I’d left more time to explore San Diego as it seemed to have the same “coolness” that San Francisco did, but I didn’t feel out of place. Sure, there was a greater element of danger about the place and I’m told the Cartels run the place, but I liked it!

More pictures

More pictures of San Diego (mainly the zoo) can be found in the Digitallery album USA – California – San Diego

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