12 Days of Christmas – 9 drinking moments (curse the local beverages)

So long as we haven’t been too naughty, Santa is boarding his sled in 9 days time. Today I’m thinking about the different beers and drinks I’ve had, maybe I have been naughty!


In Sucre, Bolivia I went out with one of the guys from the Spanish Language School and was watching the huge parade that was coming through the town. I only drank one can of Paceña as my stomach wasn’t too well but ended up having a very random night in a club populated by people over a foot shorter than I!


When I was in Cuenca, Ecuador I met up with Justin and we went for a curry. Ignoring the comically bad accent of the restaurateur, we had a couple of big bottles of Pilsener and ordered a sheesha. As usual it gave me the giggles and I roared all night as Justin gurned trying to get a “blowing smoke” picture!


After Volcano bordering in Leon, Nicaragua, we sat in the back of the lorry and off-roaded it back towards the town. Some of us were nursing wounds and I was a little miserable at the lack of speed I’d attained, but the drinking the Toña beer afterwards made up for it! We ended up sitting there, shaking a can up and smashing it against our heads until it popped!


In Utila, Honduras, we drank loads of beer and rum, but my favourite memory was sitting on the dock with Sloan, Carmen, Luis, Duff, Cornel and Laura watching the boat captains cook the Barracuda they’d just speared off the dockas lightening flashed in the distance and serving us copious amounts of neat Rum!


It’s featured in my countdown before, but Coco Bongo’s in Cancun, Mexico was a fabulous ending to my time in Latin America. I don’t actually know what it was we drank as it was red and sweet, but it did the trick and we had a fantastic night!


In San Diego, USA there was a pub crawl a-happening and to “pre-game” two of us bought some Dark Ale from Rock Bottom – 6 pints for $10! In the end we didn’t finish the drinks and gave the remnants away and went out enjoying the duelling pianos.


In Los Angeles, USA I ended up going to a Frat Party and drank copious amounts of PBR. The Frat party was one of the strangest parties I’ve ever been too and PBR is so weak it just meant I needed to pee constantly!


In Pa Tong, Thailand, Dave and I went to a bar which had LadyBoys dancing about on the stage. People were looking at the bar in shock at the skimpy clothing the dancers were wearing whereas Dave and I sat at the bar and consuming a couple of Heinekens  thinking it wasn’t that different to my home town (Newcastle Upon Tyne) – albeit the weather was warmer, the beer cheaper and the “women” wore more clothes.


It may have reminded me of the clubs in Las Vegas, USA, but Ku De Ta in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore is hard to beat. Free entry, free taxi ride and a free Tiger beer upon entrance via the hostel I was staying in all whilst standing on the 53rd floor staring out over the Marina at all the pretty lights before moving inside to dance like a loon with Sina… It was pretty special!