12 Days of Christmas – 4 injuries accumulated

This one will make my mother cringe – my travels haven’t exactly been injury free, here are four of the more interesting problems I’ve had…

4 Damaged feet #1

When learning to Scuba dive the lack of correctly fitting flippers played havoc with my feet and I ended up with cuts all over – the problem was that they didn’t heal and at the time of writing this post, 3 months later, I still have scars! They aren’t that noticeable anymore though but you can see where the flippers kept rubbing and causing me problems!

3 Damaged Feet #2

We went tubing in Lanquin and it was brilliant. There we were having a couple of beers floating down a stream all the time avoiding the trees that lined the banksides. I was a little bored so decided to mess about a bit and ended up falling off the ring – no big drama at all.

As I kicked with my feet to get back on the ring, I struck a concrete bridge support, my feet immediately hurt and I knew I was in trouble. As the night continued my right ankle became so swollen and painful I could hardly walk and two cuts appeared on my left foot. The following day we went caving and I had to walk quite a few miles – I’m grateful for my boots as I wouldn’t have made it any other way!

I now have two scars on my left foot and my right ankle hurt for a very long time!

2 Sore head

As a 6ft (182cm) man, I ran a perilous journey every time I ventured out in South and Central America – given that I’m significantly taller than virtually every local all the shops canopy’s, signs, roofs, doorways are way too small. I’ve hit my head more times that I care to think about and have sported many a lump.

I’ve managed to knock shop displays down with my head. I’ve entertained the locals by cringing after not fitting through doorways. I’ve had blood drip down my face.

I resorted to walking like Quasimodo!

1 A scar to remember the Galapagos by

On the first day of the boat tour we went snorkelling and when it came time to climb back on-board I really struggled. I didn’t have the technique nor physical strength to overcome the deficit so I was stuck. To help me out, two blokes grabbed hold of me and pulled me on board and I sat elated at swimming with sharks and penguins.

A couple of minutes later people started to note that blood was pooling underneath me and that I had a really big cut on my leg – I couldn’t feel a thing but it turns out a bolt had gone into my leg and ripped a huge chunk of skin away. It never really healed and as a result I have a 2cm scar just above my right knee.