Trying new foods in Singapore

Eating in Singapore is dead easy – there is every menu available from Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, English, French…. Any meal you fancy you’ll be able to find and sometimes you get to experience a completely different way of eating!

Hawker Centres

In Singapore the main, cheap way of eating is to use any of the little food halls that litter the city, these are called Hawker Centres and generally follow the same principle – little stalls line the sides and with circular picnic tables sitting outside. All you need to do is choose your food from one of the stalls, plonk your backside on a seat (regardless if someone else is at the table), eat and leave. It’s simple and delicious!

So the food…..

My favourite by a long way is Prata or Roti – a type of friend bread which you can have with cheese, onion and egg inside. It’s a little fatty, but it’s delicious! The rest of the Indian cuisine is good too with the Chicken Byrani having some of the best tasting rice in Singapore!

Venture to Lau Pau Sat in the financial district and there are even more random stalls and here at night they close the street and BBQ’s are fired up offering Satay – little sticks of meat with peanut sauce and a compressed rice cake. You can also get Carrot Cake – essentially an omlette with lumps of boiled and compressed Radish.

Move across to the Maxwell Centre in ChinaTown and you’re offered a vertiable feast of every description. My favourite here was the Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, although for impressiveness you couldn’t beat the flaming fish ball soup!

Of course there is a huge Ex-Pat community here so you can get traditional English meals such as Steak-and-Ale pie or Fish & Chips. In the same area you can also try all the different sea foods that are offered (Chilli Crab been “famous”).

And finally, well there are the restaurants! Ian and Gwen took me for my first taste of Sushi and I’ve discovered it’s delicious (if we ignore shell fish and strong fishy tastes like eel). We also had these little dumplings at the Chinese restaurant which although small have to have seventeen folds around the top!

There are little bakeries littering the city offering quick snacks (and are way better Greggs). Burger King and McDonalds fight for supremacy on every block. Salad bars pop up everywhere…

The deserts and the drinks

My favourite subject, desert. A “famous” desert is Chendol but it appears to be different depending on where you get it. Essentially Chendol is crushed ice with plum jam, syrup and coconut milk. In the Tekka centre, it comes in a beaker and you simply drink it down after mixing it up and letting the ice melt a little, whereas in Lau Pau Sat it’s served in a bowl with beans.

Ice Cream. I love Ice Cream. In Singapore it’s everywhere. From the simple cone in McDonalds to the gourmet style you get in the specialist shops, it’s all here and all delicious!  One night they even had a Christmas market where they brought together loads of Ice Cream makers and had little stalls selling cups of the stuff. My favourite is still Rum & Rasin or Dark Chocolate but you can literally choose anything!

Think of a fruit. Any fruit. You can have it. Think of a fruit you haven’t heard of before and you have that too. That is all that needs to said on this subject!

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