Singapores MacRitchie Reservoir

After a while of walking in the city, I wanted some greenery and chose to head to MacRitchie Reservoir for my fix – ignoring the mosquito bites, I’m glad I did.

MacRitchie Reservoir was the first one built in Singapore as the colony attempted to meet the demands for fresh water. It was proved to be too small and as a result there another two in the area and Singapore imports water from Johor in Malaysia.

I went to MacRitchie Reservoir on a Saturday and it was a hub of activity with walkers, runners, fishermen and canoeists all partaking in their respective sports. I took a fairly quick walk around the entire 12km trek popping into the Treetop walk (it’s 250m suspension bridge between the two highest points in the park at 25m). There are loads of rest areas along the way and in two places exercise stations where the runners will stop and use the equipment for an all-round routine.

Jelutong Tower

There is also a Jelutong Tower which sits at canopy height and allows another viewpoint over the reservoir and the woodlands. It was nice to sit up here with the fresh breeze cooling me down whilst reading a book.

More Pictures

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