Walking the Singapore Formula 1 circuit

I’ve always loved Formula1 but have only really watched the races in recent years. On my RTW trip I intended to go to the Japanese Grand Prix but the cost was too prohibitive (I spent the money in the Galapagos instead) so when I hit Singapore I made sure I walked around the track here.

There are loads of little details still around

Walk down the roads and you can see the black lines marking the edges of the race-track. In many places the black lines cut straight across the road itself and you can imagine the confusion of drivers if they were left intact.

Come to a corner and there are rubber burn marks scorched into the track.  In some places there are huge marks which could only have been made from someone locking their wheels as they brake for the corner.

The corner curbing is still there in places and the paint is dulled or rubbed off. It’s crazy to think that only a month earlier the drivers piloted their cars are breath-taking speeds and hammered over the top of the curbs – they are much bigger than you imagine.

The pit buildings are still proudly displaying the names of the drivers and teams. Sneaking a glimpse inside through the door lets you see where all the engineers work – from the TV show you can imagine what goes on there with the cars taking centre stage and mechanics running around.

On the ground in front of the garage doors lines the pit boxes are still painted, some of them have degrees of accuracy painted on and patches of paint have been ripped away exposing the concrete underneath.

The Grid Slots are still there on the start-finish straight and you can sit down at Pole Position, lean back and look down to the first corner imaging you’re in Sebastian Vettel shoes (2011 polesitter).

When I was there, you could see the road-workers repainting the road. The black and white curbing isn’t normal and is simply bolted together then to the ground at various points – it’ll be like this so that it can be easily removed / replaced.

Just like my home town, Singapore has plenty of bridges across the river – the F1 track crosses two, the new Esplanade and the 1910 vintage Anderson Bridge. The later sits underneath the impressive Fullerton hotel  and is a nice “old” bridge.

Yup, I loved walking around the track and noticing all the little details!

More Pictures and a Map

More pictures of the Singapore F1 Track can be found in the Digitallery album Singapore F1 Track. All the pictures in the Digitallery are GPS enabled so you can see where the pictures were taken by viewing the map available here.

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