A random fish temple and the chiselled rock in Batu Pahat, Malaysia

Dave took me out to a temple to Good Fortune and the place where Batu Pahat gets it’s name from on the coast a little outside the town of Batu Pahat and it’s a very odd place. It’s very odd indeed.

The fish is pretty big

It’s a ginormous fish. It’s capable of biting your hand off and looks like a Moray Eel of steroids and sprayed the colours of the rainbow. Compared to my pet goldfish, this thing is a complete monster! Apparently it’s good luck to stroke the fish but so many people try that the fish has learned to steer clear of the edges of it’s tiny pool.

The odd thing is though is that the people still try to stroke the fish for Good Luck. They’ll force themselves through the tiny gaps in the concrete structure and splash the water furiously in vain attempts to get the attention of the fishy. They’ll take their belts off and through it at the fish trying to to ensnare it and therefore get Good Luck. Why not leave the poor thing alone – you built a temple to it!

It’s just weird.

What of the temple then? Is that better?

Well, no, it’s concrete and looks very fake. Not much can be said without offending the faithful but whilst attempts had been made to make it look “old” it still looked like poured concrete with gaudy painted objects which people came along to stroke as this gave the Good Luck.

It’s just weird.

The surrounding area, it must be better surely?

They apparently have put a bit of effort into the area – it’s the place where rocks were chiselled out by the Siamese troops during their retreat and Batu Pahat translates as Chiselled Rock. The thing is, there is a nice car park, a pretty little pier overlooking the rubbish filled sea, nicely painted buildings and a little row of shops offering fruits and drinks….

The attraction itself is tucked behind of the building, the pool is full of stagnant water and there is rubbish everywhere. The attraction, the thing that is meant to bring people to the area is a horrid little place.

It’s just weird.

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