Another Party Cruise, Nha Trang

This was a second attempt at the “party cruise”, the first having ended in disaster in Halong Bay. I have to say it was a complete success and everywhere the Halong Bay Cruise failed, the one in Nha Trang succeeded.

It was the Funky Monkey Band persuaded me

I’d known about the party cruise from another blog and it sounded interesting (or at least not the same as the Halong Bay Party Cruise) and then we got the fliers which all talked about the Funky Monkey Band, free wine, food, visits to various places and a floating bar. Everyone who joined the group read the flier and said aloud the same sentences – this was definitely an advertising win! As soon as we had decided to go we started persuading the rest of the hostel and it ended up that pretty much everyone came along.

We climbed on board the boat, took a seat and were laughing with the compare who made a few people shotgun beers and was telling really terrible jokes (really, they were so bad I wouldn’t even add them to my repertoire). The music was pumped up and we set sail. Everyone was laughing and joking on, Sarah from my Hoi An adventure up front leading the dancing and thus the party began.

We had our first stop at the Aquarium with it’s poor habitats for the fish and a grimy look and feel although it did have the same fish from Batu Pahat), then onto the first swimming spot. The weather was far from warm and there was no sun peaking through the dull and overcast clouds so it made me wonder if swimming was such a good idea – in the end watching people stand there shivering as they climbed back out clinched it for me. I declined and drank a beers instead.

Lunch and then the band

It was quite funny when our boat met up with another for lunch. Our boat was full of rowdy, happy, tipsy people dancing about and the other boat was full of older holiday makers. The difference was startling but our infectious enthusiasm for fun got most of them involved. We all munched on our surprisingly nice food before the table was cleared for the band.

It wasn’t the Funky Monkey Band though, this was the Nha Trang Boy Band (with a “lady boy”). The lady boy walks out and it’s the bartender in a dress with coconuts as boobs and it was ridiculous. They got the exact reaction they’ll have had a 1000 times before – laughter and everyone joining in. They sang a quick collection of forgettable songs before asking where everyone was from. Germany, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Denmark, Korea, Japan and Australia were all shouted and the band then played a song from the nations he knew. First up was Australia and a girl was dragged up to dance along to “I Come From A Place Down Under”. Next up, the Brits and they intentionally chose Craig, the tallest man on the boat, to stand on the little stage. It was hilarious watching him try and bend his 6’7” frame into the space available whilst we all screamed along to Wonderwall. New Zealand next and two very reluctant men were forced to the Haka although once persuaded they played along very nicely.

Most people then dived back into the water for the floating bar, into even colder water, and they bobbed about drinking the potent orange drink that was been handed out free. Back on board, the music was cranked higher and we danced about and sang like loons as the boat headed back ashore.

It was just tremendous, clean fun. There was no disgusting acts by drunken men. There was no forced happiness. There was no people overly drunk and causing problems. It was just fun and I can heartily recommend it!

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