Nha Trang Mud baths

Nha Trang is a party place on the Vietnamese coast, most of it’s draw is the sunny weather and the party atmosphere but this is lacking in the constant rain of the Winter – there is still fun to be had though!

Quick note – the photos come from Sarah as she had a water proof camera and I don’t.

Time for some relaxation

One morning there I was sitting playing on my laptop thinking I’d just have a quiet and relaxing day with nothing in particular to do. Jo joins me and we’d been sitting chatting for a while when Craig and Jamie arrived looking significantly worse for wear – they had partied hard last night! Magnus shortly followed, then Sarah and finally Dave. I happily found myself part of a large group and the impetus to do something was high (excluding the hung over Craig and Jamie). It was Sarah who finally suggested the mud baths before she went off for a run.

Around 3pm we all piled into a taxi and headed off to the baths and to the entrance which was really rather grand for a mud bath. The rest of the operation inside was similarly slick (and not just from the mud har-har) with lockers, changing rooms, guides to show you the way, towels, nicely sculptured pools, loads of showers…

Whoops, where did you hand just go?!?

Our first experience was for the 7 of us to climb into a small bath and then it was filled with “warm” mud. It was nigh on impossible for us to stay still and we were constantly bumping into each other, which with 5 guys and 2 girls lead to many jokes as you can imagine.

Jamie provided the most entertainment by dunking his head under the mud, blinding himself. After a while we noticed his hands were moving around under the mud and he announced that his balls were really soft expecting us to confirm if ours where the same. His hard, erect nipples provided much amusement…
After the mud bath we had a quick communal shower trying to get rid of the mud out of our pockets and inside our shorts. A short walk later, we were attacked by vicious sprayers which hurt those with sunburn (Jamie again). We then climbed into a warm bath which had a little more space than the mud bath before heading out to the heated pool.

The pool was really, really warm and was lovely just to swim about in. The others started to mess about doing hand stands and playing under the water jests, whilst I tried to swim the entire pool under water. I almost managed it, but not quite.

What to do after relaxation?

The last thing we did was leave the hostel and hit the restaurant for a fantastic Italian meal. We were all in our element eating seriously good food from Bruschetta, Lasange, Pizza, Ravoli and drinking nice dry red wine. It was the perfect ending to the day!

There was one last Jamie story from the day though! In the restaurant we all ordered our food and beverages, but since Jamie had already eaten he decided to just get a starter of Onion Rings. The waitress looked at him oddly and he had to repeat himself many times before she took his order. Our meals arrived and they all looked and tasted beautiful. Jamie’s arrived and instead of battered and fried onion rings, he had a number of raw, white onion rings lying on a bed of lettuce and tomato. He wasn’t that impressed.

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