Mui Ne – just a kite surfing beach

Mui Ne was next after Nha Trang and it was meant to be a better beach town, slightly less night-life, lots of things to see including amazing sand dunes. For me though it didn’t work out that way though.

First impressions weren’t great

The first obstacle was finding somewhere to stay – all the taxi drivers refused to acknowledge the hostel / hotel Sarah had booked a room in. My guess is that they were trying to get us to go to their hostel instead so we walked, which wasn’t the greatest idea either as it was quite a long way and we had Sweary McSweary acting as a leach. Eventually we got there and found the place full so we wandered about asking a few places if they had room, eventually Sarah and I shared a $15 hotel room.

The beach and the peoples

The weather was quite nice the first day and the sun was bleaching down, but it was difficult to find somewhere relaxing to sit on the beach as there are so many kite-surfers. I lay down reading my book and immediately was surrounded by lines and kites. It wasn’t particularly relaxing at all. In the end I gave up, popped my MP3 player in and went for a walk whilst Sarah organised her $190 kite surfing lessons (wowsa!). The beach did continue on for quite some time from where we were sitting and it did get wider with a diminished number of surfers but still failed to charm me.

The other problem with the beach is the type of tourists that are there – they are Russians. Now I have nothing against any nationality, but the Russians here in Mui Ne seemed aggressive, rude and all macho. The men were intimidating and the women shallow. It was surreal to watch them asking harshly for things and then getting annoyed and aggressive when they didn’t get it.

So move on to the locals and try and rent a bicycle to get to the dunes. They all were rude picking up phones when they rang even though they talked to me, wouldn’t tell me where things were or how long they would take to ride, laughing at my questions… I hated them and couldn’t find anyone decent to rent a bike from. It was then I decided to get out of town and head towards Ho Chi Minh City. After I’d bought my ticket, other friends from Hanoi arrived and I wished I could have stayed as they planned to see the dunes the next day (indeed I even tried to change my ticket) but I’ll admit I wasn’t too upset when I couldn’t!

Vietnam seems to be getting to me

I’ve met other people who stayed in Mui Ne for ages and had a great time either learning to kite surf or just enjoying the beach, but they all travelled in groups and I think this is a lesson to learn about Vietnam – everyone who is in a couple or traveling as a group love Vietnam, the solo travellers don’t.

I’m still trying to fathom out why and I plan to write a blog post about it as whole, but I didn’t want this post to be all doom-and-gloom!

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