Ho Chi Minh City – it’s a little bit boring

My last destination in Vietnam was Ho Chi Minh City – it’s nothing special really. Not much to be said either.

What to do, what to do

As with every destination there is always the question of “what to do”. Sometimes it’s obvious and you went there with a specific purpose, other-times there is a devoid of knowledge. Ho Chi Minh falls into this category – it’s the last (or first) stop before Cambodia and is the stopping off point for the Mekong Delta and Cu Chi tunnels, but other than that?

There is a the Water Puppet show you can visit, but I’d already done that in Hanoi. There is the Military Museum which whilst worth a visit displays the corruption and that is prevalent across the whole country. There is an Opera house, but that isn’t my thing. You can walk the streets shopping in all the expensive shops buying your Guicci, Louis Vuitton… There is the Cathedral and the impressive Post Office. There is the river side and another market. There is the Western drinking area where the staff overcharge and the security guards are aggressive manhandling you when you complain…

I’m struggling to think of anything “great” and noteworthy.

There is cheap beer. That is a good thing. If you go to one of the streets a couple of vendors have little seats on the sidewalk and serve 50c bottles and 25c draft beer. It’s fun to sit with a beer and watch the people in the “bar” opposite.

Ho Chi Minh City, done.

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