Life after Utila – Rio Dulce

After enjoying life in Utila for much longer than I had previously envisaged I needed to be making tracks if I was to have any time to spend in Guatemala. So, still drunk from the night before and lacking any sleep I boarded the 6am ferry aiming for the mainland with a destination in mind […]

Learning to Scuba dive in Utila with Parrots Dive Center

This post is about possibly the finest week of my trip so far. It’s about finding a new love. It’s about meeting some amazing people. It’s about getting seduced by a way of life. It’s about potentially finding a new direction of career. It’s about nine days of near perfection. It’s also nigh on to be impossible to write about and convey just how great my time in Utila was but I’ll try anyway!

Estelli and Somoto

I wanted to visit the two working towns of Nicaragua, Montagalpa and Estelli in Nicaragua but a change of plans meant I moved quickly through from Leon to Estelli and then into Somoto canyon. Estelli seemed nice enough for the evening I was there as there was a party in the street and a impromptu […]

Volcano Boarding, Leon

Many moons ago I was desperate to go Sand boarding in Ica, Peru but the protests at the border and the necessity of a flight from La Paz to Lima meant I missed the opportunity so I ensured I didn’t miss out on Volcano Boarding in Leon! I’d known about Volcano boarding for years as […]

Random happenings in Leon

I was told that Leon was meant to be a really pretty city but I found it to be a bit of a dump. I arrived and started walking down to the hostel and managed to get half-way before the heavens opened and I had to called it a day and hail a taxi. After […]

Masaya market

On my last day in San Juan Del Sur I fell in the sea and hit my left foot against some rocks badly scrapping the top. It was fine at the time but after the humidity and dampness of Volcano climbing in Isla De Omtempe, it had become infected and was weeping constantly, I thus […]

Hiking my first volcano – Madera, Isla De Ometepe

I’ve always wanted to hike and play on a Volcano and on Isla De Ometepe I had my first chance. A group was going the following day so we decided to climb Madera as it’s the easier climb but it’s still quite brutal! We started at lake level (which is pretty much sea level) and […]

San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur is just like Bocas Del Toro, except a bit cheaper and nastier. The sand is Volcanic so is a dirty grey rather than a crisp white and the whole town feels, well, cheap. I arrived with Chance and Alexandra and we took a cheap hostel towards the back of town, had […]

Getting through Costa Rica

After leaving Bocas Del Toro, Nick and I were both headed to San Jose so took the ferry back off the islands and onto the mainland. A bus later we arrived in Changuinola and waited for our bus to San Jose. It was a doddle to do – we just jumped on board it took […]

Bocas Del Toro

Bocas Del Toro is the place where the Survivor TV series was filmed. It was used because everything looks idyllic with the white sand beaches, crashing blue surf and a loads of little islands dotted around the area. It’s a shame then that to get there you pass through a grotty little dive of a […]

David and The Purple House

I only stayed in David for one night, but the hostel I stayed in “The Purple House” deserves a special mention. It’s strange. It’s very, very strange. To get to Bocas Del Toro you can either go straight there or stop overnight in David, I chose the later as I didn’t want a long bus […]

Panama City and the Panama Canal

After I got my rucksack back I went out and walked to Casa Viejo for a look around the “old” town. It’s a nice looking place with old buildings and nice architecture but I can see why it has a reputation of been a bit dodgy. It has an odd feeling about it and a […]

That Rhod Gilbert Sketch of lost luggage

Rhod Gilbert has a sketch on Youtube which is all about turning up to Australia and his luggage not making it. He stands watching a handle go around and around and around laughing at the poor sap who owns the handle. Then he realises it’s his handle and has to try and get the airline […]