Estelli and Somoto

I wanted to visit the two working towns of Nicaragua, Montagalpa and Estelli in Nicaragua but a change of plans meant I moved quickly through from Leon to Estelli and then into Somoto canyon. Estelli seemed nice enough for the evening I was there as there was a party in the street and a impromptu […]

Volcano Boarding, Leon

Many moons ago I was desperate to go Sand boarding in Ica, Peru but the protests at the border and the necessity of a flight from La Paz to Lima meant I missed the opportunity so I ensured I didn’t miss out on Volcano Boarding in Leon! I’d known about Volcano boarding for years as […]

Random happenings in Leon

I was told that Leon was meant to be a really pretty city but I found it to be a bit of a dump. I arrived and started walking down to the hostel and managed to get half-way before the heavens opened and I had to called it a day and hail a taxi. After […]

Masaya market

On my last day in San Juan Del Sur I fell in the sea and hit my left foot against some rocks badly scrapping the top. It was fine at the time but after the humidity and dampness of Volcano climbing in Isla De Omtempe, it had become infected and was weeping constantly, I thus […]

Hiking my first volcano – Madera, Isla De Ometepe

I’ve always wanted to hike and play on a Volcano and on Isla De Ometepe I had my first chance. A group was going the following day so we decided to climb Madera as it’s the easier climb but it’s still quite brutal! We started at lake level (which is pretty much sea level) and […]

San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur is just like Bocas Del Toro, except a bit cheaper and nastier. The sand is Volcanic so is a dirty grey rather than a crisp white and the whole town feels, well, cheap. I arrived with Chance and Alexandra and we took a cheap hostel towards the back of town, had […]