Tiwanaku Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice (21st July) is a big thing in Latin America, for them it represents the change in season and thus the time to reap or sow the crop. As a result, many of the ancient temples are designed so that elements light up with the sunrise on the specific days (think Stonehenge in the […]

Rurrenbaque Pampas tour

The saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. Travelling is helping confirm this to be true. In Sucre I met a lovely Dutch couple whom I planned to meet in La Paz for a trip into Rurrenbaque, we conversed via Facebook and I was going to get myself onto the same tour as them […]

On Sucre

My arrival in Sucre from Tupiza on Wednesday was ominous – the night bus there was a dreadful experience, my stomach was dodgy and the weather was abysmal. Tired, I went straight to a hostel recommended by the Lonely Planet and slept for a short while before venturing out for food and Internet. The first […]

Learning Spanish in Sucre

Before I had bought tickets for my travels I decided that I needed to learn some Spanish in order to not be completely lost when I arrived in South America. I started my lessons with Esther in Gateshead and studied, one lesson a week, for 90minutes. Given I only had three months available I was […]

Trek to Dinosaur footprints via Maragua

Whilst researching Sucre, there were three things I wanted to do – take a Spanish course, see the dinosaur footprints and pop up to the Meteor crater. Whilst visiting Tarabuco a new fiend, Kelly, mentioned that she was embarking on a trek the following day with some friends to visit the crater and some dinosaur […]

Tarabuco market

On Sunday’s there is a large market in Tarabuco, about 60km outside of Sucre. It’s mostly a tourist trap with many of the stalls selling the traditional chinz that no local would buy, but it’s worth a looksee given that the return bus is B$30 and it leaves directly outside my hostel. In the morning […]

On Tupiza

I’ve been travelling about a month now and out of all the places I’ve visited (Cusco, Puno, Copacabana, La Paz and Uyini/Southern Circuit) Tupiza has to be my favourite. The scenery is simply stunning and when walking outside of town I can’t help but feel I’m in a Clint Eastwood Western. The mountains are a […]

Two day horse trek, Tupiza

It all started out well with the trip costing B$400 (~£37) with a reputable company and I left at 10am with one other person. The other person on the trip, a Dutch girl called Theresa, spoke Spanish and English so away we went walking to the stables. The horses were well looked after and didn’t […]

Cholitas Wrestling

One of the things that people say you must go see in La Paz is the Cholitas wrestling. Rumours fly around that it is this weird mix of Mexican wrestling with midgets thrown in and that  it’s a brilliant night out. I’m not a fan of wrestling for the most part, but decided that I […]