My last days in South America

When travelling you always hear stories about places that are dangerous and where to be careful. Plenty of people make things sound much worse than they actually are but one such place is Quito. i heard so many stories of people getting robbed I decided to avoid it and stay two hours away in a […]

Hiking to Quilotoa crater

I arrived in Latacunga and wasn’t that impressed – as usual you arrive in the bad area of town which doesn’t really look that nice and then jumping in a taxi whose driver didn’t know where my hostel was didn’t really help either! Still, we got there and I chatted to the owner for a […]

On Baños

After Cuenca Julia and I headed to Baños via Riobamba. Riobamba was the first place I’ve actually been scared. The people were intimidating, nosey and would come up to me, push me about… The bus company wouldn’t sell us a ticket. It was so horrible and I was so nervous that I tied my big […]

On Cuenca

After leaving the Galapagos I had two options, head up the coast to visit a whale watching area (the only water national park in Ecuador) or head inland to Cuenca. Julia proffered some advice pointing out that the coast would be similar to Guayaquil (horrible) and that her experience of the whale watching wasn’t any better than we had seen from the boat in the Galapagos. I decided to head inland to Cuenca.

Galapagos – The Ugly Side

This is the first half on my Galapagos blog post, explaining why the tour was a complete disaster and why I was in tears at one point.

When I started my RTW trip I had no intentions of heading to the Galapagos as the costs were too high for my budget, but after deciding to abandon the Japanese Grand Prix (and possibly Japan altogether) and hearing all the wonderful stories of travellers who had come from the islands I decided to rejig finances and make the trip.