Other snippets from Singapore

I spent a month in total in Singapore and I tried to see most parts, some have been worthy of their own posts, but here are some of the other things to do. Sentosa Sentosa is a big theme park island just off the coast and it is there for one thing – to take […]

Walking the Singapore Formula 1 circuit

I’ve always loved Formula1 but have only really watched the races in recent years. On my RTW trip I intended to go to the Japanese Grand Prix but the cost was too prohibitive (I spent the money in the Galapagos instead) so when I hit Singapore I made sure I walked around the track here.

Singapore lights up the night sky

Singapore during the day is lovely, but the colours are slightly dulled and whilst it’s clean, it doesn’t feel “fresh”. At night however, it’s a different ball game – Singapore comes alive and is staggeringly beautiful!

Trying new foods in Singapore

Eating in Singapore is dead easy – there is every menu available from Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, English, French…. Any meal you fancy you’ll be able to find and sometimes you get to experience a completely different way of eating! Hawker Centres In Singapore the main, cheap way of eating is to use any of the […]

Singapore – wakeboarding

It’s fair to say I like the more extreme outdoor pursuits with my crashing of cross country mountain bikes, face-planting power kites, falling off mountain boards… I’m going to pretend I’m any good, but I like them and therefore I thought I’d give wakeboarding a go. Suffice to say it was “plain sailing”. Splash Back […]