The start of the end

A dramatic title with so many questions – the end of what? Am I finished with travelling? Am I going home? Well, no, not quite, but then I’m settling down for a while and this has been a long time coming.

Returning to my biking ways

I always liked riding bikes as a kid but in recent years started to ride a Mountain Bike with vengeance pushing myself hard both physically and technically. I’ve ridden bikes a few times as I travelled but never felt fully fulfilled – In Siem Reap I tried again and boy did it turn out well.

Today, I’m hating travelling

Everyone always talks about how great travelling is, how you meet so many people you are never alone and how you see loads of interesting things. It’s not all like that. There are days when you get sick of travelling and you just want to give it all up…

A different type of Christmas

As 2011 comes to a close, it brings with it not only an eight month anniversary of travelling but also my first holiday season away from my family. It’s a strange to be surrounded by 63 other travellers and partying all day!

12 Days Of Christmas – 1 Happy Traveller

morrow is Christmas Day and thus ends my 12 day countdown. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much I did thinking about them and that Santa brings you something nice. There is only one thing left to say, Merry Christmas everyone.

12 Days Of Christmas – 2 Hemispheres played in

It’s Christmas Eve Eve and Santa is readying the sleigh, feeding up the reindeers, polishing Rudolf’s nose and checking the naughty and nice list one last time. He’ll start his journey in the Southern Hemisphere just East of Australia and finish up in the Northern Hemisphere near Hawaii. I wonder if he has as much […]

12 Days of Christmas – 3 Border Crossings

Border crossing should be routine and easily accomplished but as any traveller knows, this is far from the case. Continuing the 12 Days of Christmas countdown, here are 3 of my more troublesome encounters.

12 Days of Christmas – 6 amazing beaches

We’re halfway through the Christmas Day countdown and today I’m celebrating the beaches I’ve visited. Before I left the UK, my favourite was Bamburgh Beach on the North East Coast – no longer! This post is all about the pictures, so without further ado…

12 Days of Christmas – 12 Hostel stories

It’s 12 days until Christmas Day and Santa shows how a real Round The World trip should be done so I thought I would a little countdown of random stories, experiences or things that have shaped the last 7 months. Today, it’s 12 experiences from hostels and dorms!

The Alphabet game

There is a game been played by travellers – have you visited a county beginning with every letter of the alphabet? I’m not even close yet! A – Australia B – Bolivia, Belize C – Costa Rica, Cambodia D – E – Egypt, Ecuador F – Finland, France G – Guatemala H – Honduras I […]

Three months can change a man

The last three months have flown by. It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in the hostel in Cusco scared and trying hard to “get it”. After phone calls, emails, blog posts, talking to people in the hostel over breakfast and then finally leaving for Puno, I did “get it” and I’m extremely […]

The travel Experience so far, 6 weeks in

My first month has come to an end and on my way I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with some fantastic people: I’ve been to some amazing places and seen some amazing things: I’ve written more prose than ever before (for this blog and emails). I’ve taken thousands of pictures (and rediscovered the joy […]

Travelling, it’s all about endurance

I’ve been travelling over a month now and have seen quite a transformation in myself. I always knew the first few days / weeks were to be tough and that there would be periods where I just wanted the security of home, but I wasn’t quite prepared just how tough the first fortnight would be. […]

The ups and the downs continue

A couple of days ago I wrote an entry about how life on the road was proving tougher than imagined. A couple of days later I’ve got a slightly different perspective – it is tough, but there will be a lot fun to be had! At breakfast yesterday I chatted to a couple staying in […]

Travelling and the first days

It’s been a strange few days – first of all a very long trip, which whilst with dramas went ok and then arrival in a foreign city. I’m not really sure what to think about it all to be honest. The first two flights were fine – I got to Madrid on the two BA […]

Departures eve, it’s an emotional old time

Hi, I’m Stefan. Tomorrow I leave the UK bound for Cuzco ready to start my Round The World trip. It’ll take 29 hours to get there, via three countries, four airports and two airlines. I’ve got my backs packed, the clothes I’m wearing to one side and a small list of things to check. Ultimately, […]

Every story needs a beginning

I’ve always hankered to see the wider world, but befriending someone who hailed from Egypt at Uni triggered a decade long itch. Whilst the desire to travel further afield was always there, I never thought I could do it. The confidence and desire has been building little by little over the years as I’ve met […]