The modifications I made to the my Libra (registration J419 CET) were:

  • Fitted bigger and better brakes – 260mm vented discs, larger bore calipers and suitable pads from Rover 200 (Talon big brake conversion).
  • Fitted higher capacity radiator – V6, 3core radiator + kenlowe fan & thermostat fitted after accident.
  • Fitted front splitter – GTM stupplied front splitter, removed due to poor fitting / catching on speed bumps.
  • Fitted improved bulbs.
  • Replaced the engine steady bar to allow for adjustment (the engine droop / exhaust position was wrong).
  • Fitted Carbon Fibre surround for the exhaust (to hide the burnt patch).
  • Fitted Cat 1 Alarm
  • Fitted new steering wheel
  • Fitted MP3 Radio and speakers