Running costs

This is a list of all the modifications and things of note that I have done to my car. I use this as a place to put things that I need to remember!






26-06-2008 I £-5800 Sold to Rich
08-05-2008 S £26 Oil, Filter and new spark plugs (19k8)
05-04-2008 R £5 Reweld the exhaust bracket by A.A.S in Lemington (0191 267 3718)
31-03-2008 S £120 Car tax (19k)
12-03-2008 R £300 New clutch put in by Talon Sportscars.
01-03-2008 S £45 MOT
29-02-2008 S £8 new wiper blades (19″)
09-02-2008 R £104 New hydraulic cable (15ft) and a clutch slave cylinder (Wilwood 260-1333) from Rally Design.
16-11-2007 R £258 New GAZ dampers from DamperTech. Got new 450ft/lb springs as well
27-10-2007 R £20 new exhaust surrounded fabricated (parts only)
03-10-2007 I £524 Insurance renewal, taken out with Osbourne and Sons.
29-09-2007 R £90 New flexi pipe inserted (old one cut out, new one welded in) by A.A.S in Lemington (0191 267 3718).
22-09-2007 R £0 Fitted new bushes to rear Suspension. Nigel at Avo ( sorted me out new sets for free – thanks Nigel!
09-09-2007 R £13 Replaced drivers side engine mount rubbers. Park number KKD10004 from Rimmer Brothers
01-09-2007 S £21 Oil and filter change (14k8). Gum Gum bandage for flexi as a temporary fix.
27-08-2007 R £230 New tyres, Toyo T1-R 195/45/R16 on the front, 215/40/R16 on the rear. As per GTMs suggestion. Changed at 14k. Handles better and vibration has gone!
25-08-2007 R £35 New water pump as the old one sprung a leak. Pump £30, Anti-freeze £5.
25-07-2007 S £40 Wheel balance, new spigot rings. Got it done by S.E.M in Southwick, Sunderland to see if I could cure a vibration. Tyres need replacing but vibration is signifcantly reduced…
12-07-2007 U £345 New brakes from Talon Sportscars. Kit £145, new hubs £50, new calipers £50 and fitting £100
12-07-2007 R £280 New front springs and dampers (£230, fitting £50).
12-07-2007 S £150 Talon Sportscars checked the bump steer and vibration in steering, replaced wheels, tested, checked etc.
30-06-2007 S £23 Wheel balance
28-04-2007 R £490 Petrol pipe replaced (£150), new ECU (£40), checking the front end over trying to eliminate bump-steer. (petrol of £60 + hotel @ £25 not included). Done by Talon Sportscars.
25-04-2007 S £18 Oil & filter change (9k5 changed due to not much usage over winter)
23-04-2007 R £32 New Battery
08-04-2007 R £33 New locking wheel nuts as the old key broke
02-04-2007 U £10 New steering wheel cap / horn push.
23-03-2007 S £40 MOT – passed first time
23-03-2007 S £110 Car Tax (12 months)
07-10-2006 S £140 Took the car to Talon Sportscars to get the suspension set up, look at my idling problem, sort out the engine steady bar (the new one broke) and generally gave the car a once over. Fantastic service and the car feels significantly better. (£100 to Talon, £40 on petrol)
30-09-2006 S £28 Oil (10W40 Part Synth), filter & plugs. 8k5 (done early due to big miles in the next week)
23-09-2006 I £773 Insurance taken out with Adrian Flux.
22-09-2006 U £10 Had the engine steady bar modified to allow for adjustment – the exhaust was hanging to low with the new one on. It’s burnt away some of the fibreglass as a result…
25-08-2006 S £34 New headlight bulbs (Osram 50% brighter) and spot lamp bulbs (Phillips 60% brighter) from Power Bulbs
24-08-2006 S £8 New wiper blades
19-08-2006 S £7 new fan belt
11-08-2006 U £8 Clear side repeaters from a store in Harrogate Kit Car Show
10-08-2006 U £9 Clear lights for front indicators. From ebay
18-07-2006 R £6 New engine steady bar from Peter Arnold. Money was to cover P&P
15-07-2006 U £250 Pioneer DEH2820MP (£80)
Alpine 6.5inch, sxs1757 (£40)
Electronic Window mounted aerial (£30)
Fitting (£100)
14-07-2006 U £15 new window winders. Richbrook items bought 2nd hand from a teamgtm member.
24-06-2006 U £68 Radio Binnacle
20-05-2006 U £260 Alarm supplied and fitted. Cobra A7928 with extra an extra motor.
19-05-2006 U £67 New steering wheel – Mountney M-Type (£15 2nd hand), Boss (£52)
13-05-2006 S £30 Oil & Spark plug change. 4k5
12-05-2006 I £189 Insurance – changed vehicle from Marlin to Libra using MSM.
12-05-2006 I £8000 Purchased the car from Terry