End Result

As mentioned in the introduction I actually modified the bodywork to incorporate and small scoop which allows Pipercross rams and universal sock filters to fit on. This wasn’t an easy decision but it would help solve several problems:

  • Air Filters could be fitted
  • Cool air would be put in to the air-filters potentially giving a little more power, but certainly ensuring that when the engine got hot the air sucked in wasn’t
  • Hopefully cool that side of the engine down (vapour lock).

Some images of the scoop:

The work was carried out by a gent called Robbie in Darlington and cost £100 all in (including some small cuts into the bonnet). The scoop is made out of aluminum, attached to the body using rivets which have been smoothed and then fibreglass applied over the top to ensuse that no cracks appear. He suggested that he could knock out another scoop for around £60 so if you want his number send me an email