Running costs

Date Type Pics Cost Desc
12-10-05 R £275 Clutch replaced by Jude Performance Services.
10-15-05 R £20 Silencer fell off, had a new feeder pipe welded on (£10 from a different place) and fitted at Advanced Automotive System (0191 267 3718) for £10. Getting brand new system shortly.
09-16-05 S £347 Insurance taken out with MSM. Very helpful company with very good prices.
08-31-05 R £8 Points were pitted causing misfire and jumping at higher RPM. Replaced points (£3) and condenser (£5).
08-14-05 U £65 Facet electric fuel pump from Trackstore. Picked up when I was at Harrogate Kit-Car Show (£42). Oil Pressure Switch from Demon Tweeks(£13), fuel pipe & wire from local motor factor (£10)
08-08-05 R £10 Replaced the broken voltage stabiliser
2/7/05 U £178 Scoop fitted to the bonnet/side panel & slots cut in the bonnet by Robbie in Darlington (give me an email for his number) (£100), PiperCross air rams & Univeral Socks from Need for speed (£60), Type 5 (AUD1004) needles from Sports Car Supplies (£18).
13/6/05 S £41 MOT. Past with flying colours (16.5k).
28/5/05 S £10 New points and plugs (15.5k).
18/5/05 U £5 Trailer Board socket mounted and connected.
14/5/05 S £12 Replaced rear pads with standard items (15.5k).
23/3/05 S £27 Changed the brake pads (the originals were getting a little low) with EBC Green Stuff pads from Need For Speed (15k)
21/3/05 S £10 Oil change at 15k, replaced a washer and hopefully slowed oil leak
29/1/05 R £14 Replaced throttle cable as it was sticking (after been shortened in a botched repair)
Jan S £165 Car Tax
10/12/04 R £30 Repair to roof which was ripping around a press-stud. Northumbrian Leather have done a stunning job, can hardly tell it was damaged.
20/11/04 U £16 Ring 60% Power Xeon bulbs from local motor-factor Ace Autoparts, Wire to go with Relays
19/11/04 R £5 New wiper blades from Paddock Spares. They are Land Rover Series, part number PRC1330R, 1.99 each. Europa & SVC have them as well
16/11/04 U £3 Relays for headlights and horn.
5/11/04 R £435 New Running board from YKC Sportscars (£130). Bonnet repaired, rust removal from windscreen surround and spray of affected areas by Wylam Garage (£305). No direct match of the colour, nearest was Mercedes 904 – Dunkelblau
16/10/04 U £5 New twin horns from Citroen ZX.
3/10/03 S £420 Insurance – Graham Sykes.
11/9/04 U £46 Replaced the old, rusty and ill-fitting wheel nuts with wolfrace specials. Trackstore, speak to Rob Mayo.
10/8/04 S £10 Oil and filter replaced
27/7/04 R £267 Still no improvement on the vibration so new Prop (£121 fitted), 4 new Perilli P3000 tyres (£145 fitted) purchased.
9/7/04 R £5 Replaced the Left tie-rod after stripping it when replacing the bush.
8/7/04 S £16 Wheels balanced on the car by Andy Barton, Newburn
1/7/04 R £20 Puncture, wheel balancing and tracking done due to bad vibrations, no better but trip to Pistonfest possible at low speed
28/6/04 R £16 Replaced the Marina tie-rod bushes (picked up from YKC Sports Cars)
20/5/04 R £28 The alternator died, rebuilt by Ryton Auto Electrics, not much of the new motor is original
17/5/04 R £30 During the clutch fixing, we stripped the thread on the solenoid for the starter motor, to make sure it was all good I replaced the whole motor.
15/5/04 R £70 A mechanic friend comes down to take the engine out and repair the thrust bearing that has slipped off the mount. We had bought a spare so it was slipped on in replacement instead. 6 hours and badly sunburnt
25/4/04 I £0 Diaster, smoke started billowing from the engine and the car died, no clutch at all. Pipe which runs from copper pipe to clutch melted, spraying fluid onto the manifold. Tow Truck home
25/1/04 R £0 Spoke to B&W Petrol tanks (0191 460 2990) and got a Mrk2 Diesel Fiesta sender unit for free :). Fits a charm, does not leak and when wired up correctly, works. Marlin back on the roads.
15/1/04 U £14 Bought a reversing and rear fog lights from Halfords. Waiting for tank repair to install them.
15/1/04 R £15 New rear view mirror fitted from as old one was snapped.
Jan S £165 Car Tax
Dec I £0 Just as I was leaving for cinema, petrol tank shows its hand and leaks badly. Fuel siphoned out and put back in garage until I can get it fixed late January.
Nov R £55 After investigation (and car laid up), manifold replaced with one supplied by Sports Car Supplies
Nov R £4 Replaced manifold gasket. Blowing worse than before
14/10/03 R £34 Left sealed beam headlight broke, replaced pair with halogen conversions
7/10/03 S £600 Insurance – Graham Sykes.
7/10/03 I £2000 Got shown loads of bits and pieces to be aware of, had a test drive and signed all the papers.